Marian Marzynski

Marian Marzynski was born in Poland and survived the Holocaust as a Jewish child hidden by Christians. He has been making documentary films for almost 30 years, first in Poland, then in Denmark, and for the last 20 years in the United States. In Poland, during the '60s he was one of the pioneers of"cinema verite." Today, he is a major contributor of documentaries to such PBS series as The American Experience, NOVA and Frontline. Two of his other documentaries : Return to Poland (1981, 58 min., aired on PBS' World) and Jewish Mother (1987, 53 min., aired on PBS) dealt with the subject of Holocaust.The three hour long Shtetl, produced over the course of four years, becameMarian's "labor of love", the most important work of his career. It had its television premiere on April 17, 1996 on the PBS series Frontline.

Selected credits:

  • Skin Deep
    for BBC/WGBH The People's Century series.The history of the Civil Rights movement in the United States, juxtaposed with the history of Apartheid in South Africa,1997, 57 minutes.
  • Shtetl.
    for PBS' Frontline.A Journey into the Jewish past in Poland, 1996, 175 mintures.
  • Mysterious Crash of Flight 201
    for PBS' NOVA. An investigation of a Boeing 737 air crash in Panama, 1993, 57 minutes.
  • Duo Bravo
    for PBS-WGBH La Plaza series. A Mexican immigrant family visits Mexico and confronts the present with the past, 1992. 27 minutes
  • After Gorbachev's USSR
    for PBS' Frontline. Hedrick Smith revisits the characters from Inside Gorbachev's USSR after the system collapses. 1992. 57 minutes
  • Betting on the Lottery
    for PBS' Frontline. A story about the lottery craze in America. With James Reston, Jr. 1990. 57 minutes
  • God Bless America and Poland Too
    for PBS' The American Experience. A 95 year old Polish immigrant looks at his life. 1990. 56 minutes
  • Looking for Perestroika
    for PBS' Inside Gorbachev's USSR. The Soviet's struggle for their daily bread. Is Capitalism OK? With Hedrick Smith. 1990. 57 minutes
  • Messenger to Poland
    for WTTW' Journal. A journey to Poland at the time of its first free election. 1989. 58 minutes
  • Design Wars
    for PBS' NOVA. Behind the stage of the architectural competition for Chicago Public Library. 1989.56 minutes
  • Out of the Shadows
    for WCBS' Eye on New York. A look at the amnesty for illegal aliens. 1986.54 minutes
  • Black Polls, White Press
    for PBS' Inside Story. Chicago's black Mayor's feud with the press. With Hodding Carter. 1984. 27 minutes
  • Welcome to America
    for PBS' Frontline. One year in the lives of four new American immigrants. 1984. 56 minutes

Selected Awards:

  • '97 Silver Baton for Excellence in Radio/Television Journalism, duPont- Columbia University (Shtetl)
  • '96 First Prize, Jerusalem International Film Festival (Shtetl)
  • '96 Grand Prix at the Cinema Du Reel - Paris, France (Shtetl)
  • '92 George Polk Award in broadcasting journalism (Inside Gorbachev's USSR)
  • '91 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Golden Baton for excellence in broadcasting journalism (Inside Gorbachev's USSR)
  • '91 Retirement Research Foundation Media Award (God Bless America and Poland Too)
  • '90 Emmy Award for producing a documentary (Messenger to Poland)
  • '86 Emmy Award for writing in documentary (Out of the Shadows)
  • '82 Guggenheim Fellowship in documentary filmmaking